How FreightOptics’ Audit & Business Intelligence Fixed a Client’s Costly, Hidden Issue


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This month, we’re featuring a recent case study that showcases the effectiveness of our Audit and Business Intelligence capabilities as shipping analytics services.

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Client Description:

A leading provider of innovative clean energy and fuel cell solutions.

Problem to Solve:

The client’s carrier was making billing mistakes and service failures, and the company was unable to manually audit their considerable monthly shipments.


By using our Audit and Business Intelligence services, we exposed that the client’s freight forwarder was handling their brokerage, instead of their small parcel carrier for their small parcel shipments.  This was not the customer’s desired set up and it allowed the carrier to use a 24-hour “delay” for time-in-transit for the document turnover process.  Through our work, we were able to consistently provide the client insight into this significant operational issue they thought had been previously resolved and additionally secure over 3% in recoveries.  Our business intelligence offering, inclusive of our audit program, allowed the supply chain leader to re-examine the initiative and permanently solve the problem.

FreightOptics offers supply chain optimization and professional freight optimization along with parcel contract expertise for companies that ship worldwide.

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