Our Technology Saves HOURS of Time

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There are countless benefits of leveraging FreightOptics technology for your supply chain, but one of our favorites is the time-saving aspect. In today’s accelerated, fast-paced marketplace, companies can no longer afford to use antiquated systems that eat up employee time and company dollars.

Shifting into the digital revolution has never been easier or more beneficial than with FreightOptics.

Read one of our recent case studies below to learn more about how our technology helped a client save significant labor hours and leverage our supply chain visibility solutions company-wide.

Client Description:

A leading designer, distributor and licensor of high quality men’s and women’s apparel, accessories, and fragrances.

Problem to Solve:

The company’s logistics team was spending too much time going to multiple carrier websites for rate comparisons.  This time-consuming task was costing the company a significant amount of labor hours and the final cost difference was unclear without time to complete a full comparison.


Our one-login access to all parcel carrier rates provided the client with an easy-to-use interface comparing rates to choose the best option for each shipment.  Access to this level of supply chain visibility resulted in less labor hours spent on the task and ensured that the lowest cost carrier was now being utilized every time.  Our technology was also leveraged across the company, allowing the Customer Service department to access this information when dealing with customer-related issues. The client was then able to make the right choice for both the customer and the company with increased visibility of rates and delivery dates in a user-friendly, calendar view.

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