Transportation Management System

transportation management system
An advanced TMS option could be just what your company needs.

What is a Transportation Management System? 

Far too often, we see businesses using a single carrier for all their supply chain needs. As a result, when things go wrong, they start to feel totally trapped. They find themselves stuck, because the prospect of managing multiple carriers is far too overwhelming. Unfortunately, most businesses just aren’t set up to handle complicated freight schedules from different sources. On top of that, with consumer demand higher than ever, they just don’t have the time or staff to call and compare multiple quotes. This is where having a logistics partner who offers a Transportation Management System, or TMS, can revolutionize a company’s supply chain. 
To that point, FreightOptics’s best in class TMS is an all-in-one logistics solution. Our cloud-based technology platform allows our clients to instantly compare quotes from any number of carriers. Then, they can print BOL’s and track their shipments, all with an easy-to-use interface that can be accessed from multiple locations. 

FreightOptics’s Transportation Management System 

Here are just some of the ways using FreightOptics’s best in class TMS can help your business: 

  • All Modes: Ship across any mode you need, domestically and internationally, all with one login access. 
  • Easy and Reliable: Implementation couldn’t be easier, with one login access to the system and automatic API connections to the carriers. 
  • Centralized Rating: View spot quotes and negotiated rates from all your carriers in one place. This makes picking the best price and service level easy and quick. 
  • Supply Chain Visibility: Dispatch, print BOL’s, and track shipments, all from the same system. This way you’ll stay connected to your product every step of the way. 

Is a TMS Right for Your Company? 

There has never been a better time to invest in the latest supply chain technology. For instance, FreightOptics’s best in class Transportation Management System can help your company navigate the current back logs and port congestion by helping you find the best available shipping option, every time. And while there is no way to fully avoid delays, having easy access to compare multiple options in a timely manner can help you mitigate their impact. And that helps you keep your customers happy. 
On top of increased customer satisfaction, our TMS can directly reduce your shipping costs. Your team will be able to select from numerous carriers, as well as compare spot quotes versus negotiated rates. All this, from  one online portal. That way, they can ensure they always pick the best rate.
Also, if you don’t like the rates you see, our Optimization Service can help with that too. 
It’s an easy decision. Consumer demand is rising, and e-commerce is dominating the supply chain industry all across the globe. Because of that, the only way to stay competitive is to stay at the forefront of the Digital Revolution, and utilize a logistics partner that does the same. FreightOptics’s best in class Transportation Management System can be that competitive edge. Our TMS is the most advanced offering on the market, and can help your company gain greater visibility, as well as savings. 
If you’re ready to take your supply chain to the next level, reach out to us today for a Free Demo. 
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