Let our industry leading logistics platform do the work, and transform your data into actionable insights, for both parcel and freight.

FreightOptics analyzes the thousands of data points in each carrier invoice for accuracy, identifying everything from service failures, to incorrect or missing discounts, to erroneously billed fees, including address corrections and residential surcharges. Our system automatically uncovers every inaccurate charge, and our team follows up to ensure full reimbursement on your behalf.

parcel audit service

Targeted areas for refunds include:

  • Guaranteed Service Failures
  • Manifested Not Shipped
  • No Proof of Final Delivery Recoveries
  • Incorrect Accessorial Charges
  • Address Corrections
  • Residential Surcharges on Commercial Shipments
  • Incorrect Rate Applications
  • Duplicate Shipment Charges
  • No Discounts Applied

Real Results

Our free Proof of Concept report provides total transparency to our audit process. We identify all potential target recoveries, and then apply our historical success rates, to provide an accurate assessment of the savings we can achieve on your behalf. Additionally, our technology is sophisticated enough to Audit-the-Auditor, identifying what your current provider has already achieved, and then showing a side-by-side comparison. If we aren’t more competitive, you’ll know.