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Our platform provides easy to navigate dashboards, as well as precise reporting options, giving businesses comprehensive, real-time access to their entire shipping profile, across all modes.

Below is just a quick snapshot of what our best-in-class technology platforms offers:

Report Module

For our customers who need deeper data dives (or who just love getting into the numbers), we also provide over 70 reports that can be automatically generated and emailed to individual users, or run ad hoc at any time, in multiple formats.

Spend by Service

We have multiple types of widgets that let you view how much your company spends by individual shipping services. Easily compare spend across carriers and seasonality, and quickly identify your most common service levels. 


Our Heat Maps provide a geographical representation of your spend data. Useful for high level inbound or outbound spend analysis by state or country, our Maps also let you drill down to the county level, for deeper location dives.


Our Recovery widgets provide visibility into the refunds FreightOptics secures on your behalf. Modify the time frame, and drill down into specific service or credit types, to see exactly how we’re helping your bottom line.  

Refund vs. Spend

Transparency is a core value at FreightOptics, and we pride ourselves on showing our work. Our Refund vs Spend widget allows you to track exactly how much money we recover on your behalf, compared to your total spend, over any given time period.


Our Overview widget is perfect for a quick glance at the numbers that make up your unique shipping profile. This can be set as your landing page when using the site, and can provide a high level summary of your current logistics outlook. 

Customized Dashboard

Transportation Management System

Our best-in-class TMS allows you to easily and effectively obtain quotes from multiple carriers, create labels and bills of lading, and track shipments from warehouse to last mile. We also have a Managed Service offering for those clients who want to focus on what they do best, and let us handle the rest.