5 Ways Accounting Can Leverage Our Supply Chain Technology

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FreightOptics can be leveraged across many departments — from operations to customer service. But who benefits the most? While we can’t name just one department, we’re pleased to showcase how accounting can benefit and see a significant impact by automating manual and mundane tasks through FreightOptics.

FreightOptics automates many of accounting’s frequent tasks, lightening the load for your department. Here are the top 5 ways accounting departments can leverage our supply chain technology.

  • Rate and Service Audit. Perform an audit of rates, service, and incentives for all modes and carriers.
  • Cost Allocation and Reconciliation. Detailed allocation based upon your specific business rules and reconcile carrier invoices against charges obtained at time of shipping.
  • Profit Allocation. Automate profit allocation according to your company’s pricing.
  • Reporting. Schedule recurring reports to showcase only the data you need to see. It’s easy to schedule recurring reports that will go straight to your inbox, whenever you need them.  
  • Bill Pay. Our bill pay module manages the entire payment process by creating batch payments that will maximize payment terms for all carriers.

“FreightOptics took us from the Ground Floor to the Penthouse, and we couldn’t be happier about making the switch!”

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