How to Save Time with Our Business Intelligence Technology


In the first installment of our time-saving technology series, here are 3 key ways in which our Business Intelligence can save you and your team hours of tedious work.

Create custom exception reports
If you have a new supply chain initiative, for example, all intra Florida shipments should go Ground, you can easily create a report (without involving our IT or your own) that will send direct to your inbox any shipment from FL to FL that did NOT ship Ground.

Create a custom dashboard
There are many key metrics for which we have associated dashboards. Create your own custom dashboard page and have it as your default display upon log in. This will save you time by showcasing the information you need right away in a customized format.

Schedule reports to go directly to responsible parties
With our supply chain technology, you can automatically schedule reports to go straight to the colleagues who need to review them, and/or directly to the responsible employee. This facilitates communication makes it easier to hold the responsible party accountable.

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