• What are small parcel audits?
    Technology is flourishing, and its effect is felt throughout all industries. The tech boom has resulted in an emergence of startups, offering consumers multiple options to choose from when shopping online. The result is a competitive and complex marketplace, making it difficult to reduce costs and increase profits.

    This is where small parcel audits services become essential. There is an increasing need to evaluate and audit the aspects of business where costs can be reduced and controlled. Automated parcel audit software analyzes shipping data and provides solutions that keep the business financially healthy. Small parcel audits analyze every charge incurred during shipping and deliver a comprehensive report to identify issues and shipping cost reductions wherever possible.

  • Regular mistakes in small parcel audit
    The main factor responsible for lost profits is input errors, which can create an overall lack of clarity. It then becomes difficult to maintain a business model that is productive and harnesses the most profit. These mistakes can be avoided with the help of data science. Through audits and an analysis of the resulting data, a business can become more profitable. Parcel audit services provide very effective results to analyzing data and taking an active approach to using the data to a business’s advantage.

    What are the common mistakes that occur on invoices?

    • Many mistakes are avoidable when it comes to error in the volumetric weight of small and large parcels.
    • There could be mistakes in the delivery to the customers, which results in negative feedback
    • There are mistakes when a company takes too long to respond to customer feedback or complaints.
    • The conversion and round off mechanisms are complex tasks that can easily lead to several mistakes in an invoice.
    • There are different aspects of the business that are not mentioned in the service level agreement, i.e, accessorial charges and so on. These could lead to several mistakes in an invoice.

    These mistakes create a divide between the expected profit and the actual profit for the business. They also impede the level of service with regard to the delivery expectations of customers. Hence, it is important to apply the data science on the data set and develop solutions that provide the most effective profit. These common mistakes can be solved through small parcel invoice audit.

  • Why outsource small parcel audits?
    Human error can result in costly mistakes, and often these mistakes can be a hindrance to the workflow of the business. Inputting data directly into embedded software ensures that final evaluations are made on the basis of that data. Through this method, parcel auditing service can help a business flourish. Aspects such as volumetric weight are analyzed with the help of freight audits, which help to ensure the correct amount of weight is carried by a specific carrier. There are several aspects in shipping, such as the distance to be traveled and the different levels of commitment for service delivery, that can all be evaluated for the bottom line of the business. These factors play a significant role in developing a core foundation of customer relationship management.

    Other core aspects, such as complex rounding and the conversion mechanism, are also evaluated in these data audits. The monitoring and control of the business flow is done by an affordable parcel auditing service that plays an essential role in developing a simple, yet effective, means of doing business .

  • How do we do it?
    The basis of our work depends on the management of many points of data, then interpreting and making sense of it. These data points speak volumes about a business, but, most importantly, the data should authentic and not manipulated. Our system immediately downloads all invoices from the carriers after every delivery. The schedule data and other such important data about the carriers is downloaded and analyzed periodically. Simultaneously, the delivery of the parcel to the customer is tracked. Any disturbance in the delivery is noted, further analyzed and brought to the notice of the business owner. This also helps the parcel companies to evaluate their own shortcomings and work on it for improvement.
  • What are the benefits of small parcel Audits?
    It is not possible to control the functionality of a business unless it is monitored effectively. Small parcel audits provide business owners with an effective monitoring system using data analysis. Past and present data reveal a story about the business’s position. Using these services keeps customers perpetually updated about the location of the parcel, where it has already been scanned, and what time it will be delivered. It is especially useful to inform the user if there could be a delay in the delivery of the parcel. Thus, both the service providers and customers are satisfied with the results.

    Companies benefit from small parcel audits and they help to maintain control over the business. These audits are outsourced so that the company can focus on its main mission: delivering parcels to customers on time and without delay, while maintaining reasonable profit. Businesses can benefit greatly with the help of small parcel shipping audit services.


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