Supply Chain Visibility: Data Sharing In The Logistics Industry

Supply Chain Visibility: The Future  Per The Wall Street Journal: Supply chain visibility has officially moved beyond buzz word status. This week, the White House requested that companies within the logistics space begin sharing their data with one another. To that end, the Biden administration is working on setting up a shared online portal that […]

The 2022 GRI: What You Need to Know

General Rate Increase

At A Glance With the end of January rapidly approaching, and many companies having already launched their annual initiatives for the new year, now is the perfect time to take a deep breath, and a good long look around. With that in mind, we here at FreightOptics would like to point out some information that […]

Supply Chain Visibility: How Your Business Can Benefit

Supply chain visibility

What is Supply Chain Visibility? In the broadest sense, supply chain visibility, or SCV, is the ability of a company to identify and track every piece of their product line from the beginning of its production life cycle, to the moment it’s sold to the end user. In practice, this means having information and insight […]

5 Ways Accounting Can Leverage Our Supply Chain Technology

FreightOptics can be leveraged across many departments — from operations to customer service. But who benefits the most? While we can’t name just one department, we’re pleased to showcase how accounting can benefit and see a significant impact by automating manual and mundane tasks through FreightOptics. FreightOptics automates many of accounting’s frequent tasks, lightening the […]

Case Study: Achieving 26% Client Savings While Keeping the Existing Carrier

FreightOptics logistics technology is effective for ALL industries. Today, we are pleased to showcase a case study of how our technology helped a light manufacturer save the company’s essential funds. – We implemented FreightOptics’ small parcel audit and achieved refunds on late shipments and incorrect charges for address corrections and residential surcharges. – We managed […]

How to Save Time with Our Business Intelligence Technology

In the first installment of our time-saving technology series, here are 3 key ways in which our Business Intelligence can save you and your team hours of tedious work. Create custom exception reports If you have a new supply chain initiative, for example, all intra Florida shipments should go Ground, you can easily create a […]

Get a More Accurate 2020 Budget with Our Technology

The carriers are announcing their General Rate Increases (GRIs) for next year, but what can you expect, exactly? As you create your 2020 budgets, don’t rely on the average increase that the carriers publicize. Those figures don’t take into account the details that contribute to your actual increases. There are many factors to consider, such […]

Join Us for Our Live Demo on September 18th!

Discover the Benefits of FreightOptics FreightOptics’ logistics technology services all modes and leads the competition in technological capabilities, overall supply chain visibility, and ease of use. Our cloud-based platform is built in an open-source environment that allows 360-degree connections and serves as a hub that connects your entire supply chain and other operational metrics into […]

5 Reasons to Leverage Supply Chain Technology

As one of the newest and most innovative supply chain technologies in the marketplace today, we enable logistics professionals to work smarter, not harder. Leveraging the power of FreightOptics has MANY benefits. Here are the Top 5 Reasons to Leverage Our Supply Chain Technology 1. Gain SUPPLY CHAIN VISIBILITY – See your operations in real […]

Launching Soon: FreightOptics All-New Parcel TMS Technology

Launching soon is our all-new Parcel Transportation Management System technology, with customizable user view and layout. From one single screen, shippers can: ➢ Create shipments and review rates, minimizing supply chain expenses ➢ Clone shipments ➢ Batch upload shipments ➢ Create an address book with auto-fill ➢ Ship internationally, complete with customs details and paperwork […]