Three Ways Business Intelligence Can Impact Your Bottom Line


FreightOptics’ Business Intelligence is the next generation of complete visibility for your supply chain. Our dashboards offer 50 customizable, exportable dashlets with incredibly precise drill-down capabilities for best in class shipping analytics services. With our easy, one-login entry platform, you’ll have 24/7 access to your visibility dashboards from anywhere with an internet connection.

But what does BI mean for your bottom line, exactly?

Here are three critical ways Business Intelligence can impact your company’s bottom line:

  • Identify areas of overspending. Business Intelligence software can uncover key areas of redundancy or overspending. Are you shipping 2-Day Express within the state of Florida when Ground would be just as effective but cost much less? This is just one example of how visibility can directly impact your bottom line.
  • Reduce labor hours by running recurring reports. Don’t waste time customizing and downloading reports each week when you know what critical details you really want to see. Set up recurring reports featuring your most important data just once, and receive updated versions straight to your inbox to your desired frequency.
  • Quickly and easily analyze your progress for clues. Our annual summary provides detailed spend data to track your progress. Were there certain quarters that more effective than others? If so, finding out why could unlock a key opportunity for more savings in the future.

Could your company benefit from our leading Business Intelligence solution? FreightOptics’ solutions include not only Business Intelligence, but also supply chain optimization, parcel contract expertise, negotiation services for FedEx contract, negotiation services for UPS contract, and so much more.

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