Setting the Bar for Supply Chain Industry Technology


The technology industry moves at lightning speed, and if you aren’t keeping up with the latest applications and innovations, you’re losing out.

Losing out on what, though? Well, time for starters, but also money.

The old ways of managing supply chains and logistics don’t cut it in today’s fast-paced e-commerce environment. By embracing supply chain technology, businesses can be more profitable and operate faster than ever before, especially with freight optimization services and software advancements. Technological innovations are sweeping the supply chain industry on a large spectrum, whether it’s utilizing robotics for pulling orders more quickly in warehouses or implementing the secured cryptography of blockchain for increased security.

With a transportation management system (TMS) and shipping reporting services, companies no longer need to use on-site, installed solutions to accomplish the same outcome that a cloud-based software like FreightOptics can achieve. By using a web-based platform like FreightOptics, now shippers, carriers, 3PLs, and even customers can access the information they need 24/7 with comprehensive shipping analytics services and the technical support of an experienced logistics management company.

Mobile-friendly applications, such as FreightOptics, have unchained supply chain pros from their desks. They can now access their back-end system with a smartphone from anywhere with an internet connection.

Have you asked your provider how old their technology is?

Most companies are working with technology that was developed before the first iPhone was even created, and it’s simply not advanced enough to achieve maximum results.

To learn more about FreightOptics and how our technology is disrupting the supply chain industry, contact our team today. We’d love to show you how we can help with our reduce shipping cost services!