Three Ways TMS Can Impact Your Bottom Line


You know your company can benefit from a great TMS, but how exactly? First, a TMS provides excellent ROI. It helps companies navigate the complicated world of carrier selection, tendering, route selection, and so much more. Along with our advanced supply chain optimization, the new high-tech, cloud-based TMS includes upgraded capabilities for shipping analytics services and an easy-to-use interface that facilitates data-driven decision making.

With FreightOptics’ TMS, it’s always a win-win!

Here are three ways our TMS can impact your bottom line:

  • Data-driven decision making saves money up front. Our one-login access to all parcel carrier rates provides an easy-to-use interface for comparing rates. You can be sure that your team is always choosing the best option for each shipment.  This increased visibility ensures that the lowest cost carrier is being utilized every time.
  • TMS saves time & labor hours. How much time do your employees spend trying to find the best rates for a particular shipment? If your company’s logistics team spends hours visiting multiple carrier website for rate comparisons, a great TMS will make a significant impact on your bottom line. With TMS, your employees can log in to just one site and compare your specific rates based on your parcel delivery contracts obtained via API connectivity with over 200 carriers.
  • Happy customers are repeat buyers. TMS technology like ours can be leveraged across the company, allowing your Customer Service department to access vital shipping information when dealing with customer-related issues.  This empowers our clients to make the right choice for both the customer and the company with increased visibility of rates and delivery dates in a user-friendly, calendar view.

A TMS is a vital tool for any company shipping significant volume. If you’re looking to reduce shipping cost services, we invite you to schedule a complimentary demo to see how you can leverage our technology for your business’ bottom line!